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Corporate Message

Prime Japan Consulting was established by a core group of certified public accountants from major accountancy firms to offer optimized solutions to various problems with clients' overall business management and finances. Part of its founding mission is to grow broadly, transforming and diversifying the quality and quantity of the CPA's roles at a company, while also expanding quickly into related businesses.

Since our founding, we have focused on two main things. The first is high-quality, honest service. As professionals, we think our responsibility naturally includes offering optimal service and solving clients' problems with the very best methods. However, everyone on our staff also has a passionate and sincere attitude, and they take care to stay honest in dealing with individual clients. As a result, with your support, we have been hired consistently as consultants, for which we are extremely grateful.

Our second focus was on trying to build a creative enterprise, which was not previously part of our business. At our founding, our mission was “to develop groundbreaking services never seen before and to contribute to the world.” Due to the rapid diffusion of the Internet, the value of knowledge and ideas has shifted greatly. As a first step to fulfill our founding ideals, we released PJDolfin, a new cloud service that consolidates a company's accumulated know-how. By designing it as a new way to interact with our knowledge, information and experience, we want to make Japan and the world healthy and vibrant.

Prime Japan Consulting Co., Ltd.
Founder and President
Makoto Kikukawa