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Executive Profile

Makoto Kikukawa / Founder and President / CPA

Graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1987, and completed a master's course there in 1989. Was in the rowing club in college, spent all of every day practicing, and as a senior won third place in the all-Japan championship. After finishing graduate school, went to work for a major bank, and in 1999 moved to Chuo Audit Corp. Mainly handled auditing of major financial institutions according to Japanese GAAP and US GAAP, playing a central role. Also, in addition to taking part as a project leader in an advisory business for SOX 404, was also engaged in due diligence for M&A at financial institutions and auditing of investment partnerships. During that time, left for a venture capital firm, and worked in financial and legal affairs for venture funds. In 2007 retired from PwC, established Prime Japan Consulting and took office as representative director.

Takuya Miyadera / Managing Director / CPA

After graduating from Chuo University's faculty of science and engineering, went to work for a bank, then left for the Chuo Audit Corp. Along with auditing financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies, engaged in due diligence for M&A and structural planning, and was in charge of diverse areas from auditing to financial advising. In 2007 left Misuzu Auditing Corp. to become a managing directer at Prime Japan Consulting. Mainly in charge of upgrading SOX and internal auditing and IFRS-related consulting, but is also involved in M&A-related business including financial due diligence.

Kazunori Yoshimura / Managing Director / CPA

Graduated from Keio University faculty of law, then went to work for Chuo Aoyama Audit Corp. in 2000. Handled auditing in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, retail, publishing and IT, and traveled across the country as a team leader. Also was involved in consulting for IPO and on US GAAP for major financial institutions, advising on SOX 404 compliance and increasing efficiency of internal auditing. Became a managing directer at Prime Japan Consulting in December 2008, where mainly performed consulting on increased speed and efficiency of accounting, JSOX and upgrading internal auditing, as well as systems planning and development.