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One of Prime Japan's assets is its knowledge. We are working to turn that knowledge into a tool to create new ideas and solutions, but as a group of professionals offering the best service in an always-changing business world, we must constantly refine our knowledge.

We believe the following:

The quality of the output is proportional to the quantity of the input.

Prime Japan thinks reading is vital for individual growth. Naturally it's needed to acquire specialized knowledge, but we believe that human beings can become even more well-rounded by reading about other fields outside their own areas of expertise.

Sometimes knowledge in completely different fields can open up new paths. Furthermore, we believe that organization knowledge is created when people share and discuss with other members the knowledge and experience they have gained by reading.

This is why Prime Japan, in order to make it easier to acquire publications from members and share knowledge, has established a system called “PJLibrary.” PJLibrary includes a feature that subsidizes half the price of books purchased by members each month, but it doesn't matter if these books are inside or outside one's area of expertise. Also, we created a system that lets you deposit on PJLibrary books that you have read and would like other members to read. In this way you can get in touch with an even wider array of fields, reading, thinking and offering opinions.

Christmas party

Prime Japan believes it is our responsibility to cultivate good personal ties between our members, encouraging them to make the most of their abilities and become involved in each other’s work. One must pour one's whole heart into the job of creating knowledge and solutions. We believe that human exchange with the family you spend your life with is very important. Because of this, every year during the Christmas season our company holds a party with all of our staff and their families. And this year, along with offering our gratitude for the past year, we will spend the day building determination to face the coming year.

手作りのパーティーで感謝の気持ちを ―すべてにおいて全力投球―

The party will include recreational activities such as team games. Everything about the party will be “handmade,” determined by members, including of course the progress of the main event, through scoreboards and game pieces, and even the rules of the games themselves. We think this “handmade party” will communicate feelings of gratitude, and we think it will be a good opportunity for everyone in your families to get to know Prime Japan as a company better.

家族ぐるみの絆を… ―ひとつひとつの積み重ねー

At the party, from the family greetings to the goodbyes at the end, there will always be smiles to be had in different places. Adults and children will have fun together playing games. The longer people stick together, the more they will be able to see their families grow with each other, and the deeper the bonds between members will become. We think building up bonds in this way is one of Prime Japan's main driving forces.

The entire Xmas party staff committee