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Financial Reporting Support

With changes in the business environment accelerating around the world, prompt and accurate disclosure of financial reports is demanded each quarter at many businesses. Also, the rules that must be observed are growing ever more complex and sophisticated. At Prime Japan Consulting, we offer services to respond to these needs.

Through our extensive consulting experience, we have solved a variety of problems at accounting and finance departments. Prime Japan Consulting offers many enterprises our know-how and knowledge.

Support for faster accounting & improvement of financial reporting process

Prime Japan Consulting offers planning and practical support to improve the accounting and financial reporting process through a concrete approach that considers each client's unique circumstances, while at the same time eliminating issues to speed up accounting and clarify priorities.

Support building financial report disclosure controls

At Prime Japan Consulting, through our financial report disclosure checklist and risk control matrix, we can strengthen how you work with increasingly complicated and sophisticated financial reporting systems.

Help deciding on accounting policy

To decide on an accounting and disclosure policy that reflects the real state of your company's economic transactions with a constant eye on feasibility, you must rely on our high-grade practical experience, which includes financial auditing. Prime Japan Consulting makes the most of that wealth of practical experience and provides comprehensive help deciding on an accounting policy, while taking into account its effect on business processes and systems.

Help drawing up an accounting manual

Companies are now called upon to maintain and use a manual containing their accounting and disclosure methods, explaining and implementing a clear basis for GAAP and regulatory systems. Because of that, an accounting and disclosure manual that throws light on the principles of individual companies while matching their economic conditions is essential. Experienced members of the company will help you prepare manuals that will be extremely useful in everyday business.

Support building a consolidated balance sheet system

In order to apply a single accounting policy across an entire business group efficiently, it is necessary to consider and implement standardized account headings, reviews of consolidated packages, maintenance of closing checklists, coordination of fiscal year end times and changes to accounting and financial reporting processes. It is also essential to expand the group efficiently and to train personnel until they have mastered their duties. At Prime Japan Consulting we provide a support system adapted to the client's individual circumstances that will handle these problems too.