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Internal Audits

Support building business management systems

Many companies, especially listed companies, are required to maintain an internal control system, or are called upon to systematically carry out management evaluations related to financial reporting. They also face intense demands from stakeholders, particularly general investors, to protect management transparency, strengthening corporate governance, risk management, compliance and internal controls, while at the same time confronting inefficient management, redundancy and cost overflows

Giving clients a path to progress by adapting systems to client circumstances, Prime Japan Consulting helps build governance structures that strengthen group management. We systematically prepare official regulations while updating and implementing overall risk management and internal controls systems. We also support more consistent, efficient and effective business management.


Support for internal audits

The importance of having an internal auditing department that not only strengthens corporate governance but also carries out evaluations from an independent position has grown even greater, but these departments are being crushed by the pressure to not only carry out internal audits and deal with fraud, but to respond appropriately to increasingly complex and sophisticated systems and legal changes.

Accordingly, the skills demanded of internal auditing departments are becoming more varied and sophisticated, branching out from old-fashioned auditing to include financial reports, IT regulation and information security. Also growing are their roles as evaluators of the effectiveness of internal controls based on risk approach and as advisers on the achievement of company management targets.

Based on a comprehensive internal auditing program and risk approach, Prime Japan Consulting's group of IT specialists and certified public accountants well versed in auditing offer total support to increase the sophistication of your internal auditing from drafting an auditing plan to settling on an auditing process, carrying out the audit and recording and verifying auditing results.