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Training & Outsourcing


At Prime Japan Consulting, we conduct internal training specializing in accounting practices. We focus not only on legal knowledge and theory but also emphasize everyday experience, teaching using an easy-to-understand hands-on method that confers practical skills that will come in handy during fieldwork. We aim to solidify the skills employees have learned in training by repeatedly practicing them during fieldwork, thereby raising each person's skill level. The materials we use in training include many illustrations, and they emphasize the understanding and future use of skills.

To make the training even more effective, we also offer extended service to help students master the skills they learned in training. We can even use the know-how we have cultivated during our extensive consulting activities to create an original text tailored to your company. We are happy to fulfill your company's particular wishes, so please feel free to submit an inquiry.


At Prime Japan Consulting, we conduct outsourcing to assist with internal auditing and company accounting, as it becomes more complicated and sophisticated. We offer service tailored to the client's needs, so please feel free to submit an inquiry.